Philadelphia Cursillo

Dear Friends in Jesus,                                                  

It was 23 years ago that I said YES to my sponsors and boarded that big yellow bus parked on 5th Street in Conshohocken.    I was eager and trusting.   I hopped up to my seat and looked forward to the surprises that God had waiting for me-wherever I was going.  I have said YES to another invitation- the position as Lay Director.  I feel I may have boarded yet another kind of bus:   I am trusting and eager to be in service.  

With prayer and trust in God, and with you as my community, I accepted in February the invitation as Lay Director of Philadelphia Cursillo.  March 1, 2015 marked the beginning of my service:  a 3 year apostolate as lay director.  I know that my ability to lead is in direct proportion to my openness to God’s grace and to God’s humble spirit of service to others.  For this, I will need your prayers, your friendship, your guidance and patience.   You are my companions on this journey. 

I met my first cursillo companions long before my weekend.  For years my sponsors were watching, waiting, listening and praying.  I remember hoping that I would be invited to this ‘special prayer group,’ but I wasn’t so bold to ask or confident I would be worthy.  In 1993 I became part of the Cursillo community.  I was quickly humbled when I realized I needed to get serious about my faith:  I didn’t know the answer to that most important question!    It was October 29, 1993, and I sat at St. Matthew’s table (Sts. Philip & James Parish) in the rollo room of St. Mary of Providence Retreat House in Elverson, Pa.  On that Thursday night of silence, the cursillo community became part of me. I looked around and found God friends, people engaged in that intimate conversation about our ‘Godness.’  A great AHHHHH settled in.  All these years later and I am still so thankful for my sponsors, table leader, rectora and team.  And most especially, I am thankful for you, the cursillo community that is in consistent effort to grow the kingdom of God right HERE, right NOW.  We are all on that bus together!

So onward to the kingdom we go!  I look forward to working diligently, in body and spirit, to serve the Philadelphia Cursillo and assist in fulfilling its mission. 

Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory,          That Your hand would be with me and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain.     
Prayer of Jabez  1 Chron 4:10

With love,
Kellyanne Patterson