As Christians, we live our life on the road to Jerusalem.  Our Lenten Ultreya gave reason for fellowship, food and reflection.   We were reminded that our Cursillo tripod of piety, study and action aids us see With eyes of love- to see Christ in others we meet.  Joe Seeber connected us to another kind of tripod:  prayer, Thanksgiving and almsgiving.  During lent,  we are given these 3 tools to heighten our sensibilities toward patience, compassion, and service.  Prayer is justice toward God.  Fasting justice toward self.  And almsgiving, justice toward others.   As Cursillistas we can remember getting off the bus that first Thursday evening.  We all remember being asked, " who are you before God?  Who are you?  Who are you to each other."   Seems that our Thursday of the weekend could have been a one night Lenten reflection.  Our Lenten Ultreya offered a quiet space and time to consider again those questions. Who are we before God?  Before all We are called to act with justice- make a friend, to love tenderly- be a friend, and to walk humbly with God- bring that friend to Christ."

De Colores, Friends